Wiley Drake is an illegal alien

Wiley Drake cannot show us his green card, and so, by his standards, he is an illegal alien.

What’s that you say?  Drake was born in the U.S.?  So was Obama, and it doesn’t stop Drake from claiming Obama illegal.  The only criterion Drake offers is that Obama doesn’t have a green card.  On that criterion, Drake is also an illegal alien, since he has no green card, either.

As God is our witness, we could not make this stuff up.

Do  you think Drake is part of the reason California is having such great fiscal difficulties?

Seriously, Wiley Drake does not speak for God, nor even for other Christians.  That was a shameful performance on Drake’s part not least because he didn’t have a clue how shameful it was.  The Bible says Christian elders have an obligation to rebuke false doctrine, false preachers and hooey.  Consider Drake rebuked.

Not that Drake would ever listen to a Christian elder.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Savior Breath posting at Pharyngula.

3 Responses to Wiley Drake is an illegal alien

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  2. Nick Kelsier says:

    I’m going to assume sarcasm in the below.


  3. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Of course, he speaks for God. You can tell, if you were to pay attention dummy, when he claims the Title PASTOR and, duh, he clearly states he is ordained by God. As Sean Connery proved in The Untouchables, Who would claim to be that who was not? Hmm?


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