Should students pay attention to Obama’s speech?

The snark snipers are winning.  Dallas’s CBS affiliate, Channel 11, has a poll on whether students ought to pay attention to Obama’s speech to students on Tuesday.

Do you think North Texas schools should have their students watch president Obama’s speech directed to children?

“No, it might get political” is winning right now.

The correct answer would be “Duh!  Yes.”  Kids who can resist “Just Say No” sex education can resist Obama’s plea to them to study hard and not dropout, as the conservatives appear to want them to, in the conservative War on Education.

Go vote in the poll as long as it’s there.

Urge others to vote, too:

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3 Responses to Should students pay attention to Obama’s speech?

  1. It might be snark, Scott, but with that comment you win the Internets today.


  2. Gil Brassard Sr says:

    Regan,Bush 41 had similar speeches…stop the “PAR-C” and let our president speak..


  3. Scott Hanley says:

    Is it nothing more than snark on my part to think that the people who believe children are so easily brainwashed are the same ones who so quickly fall in behind demagogues?


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