I get e-mail (Jokers)

No kidding:

Good Day:

My name is Owen Clive and i will like to make an enquiry on some bath tubs, could you advise if you have or can get me the size below bath tub?

Acrylic Bath Tub with fiberglass reinforcement
6′ x 35-3/4″ x 19-3/4″
Thank you and i await your reply.
Best Regards

Owen Clive

2 Responses to I get e-mail (Jokers)

  1. Thanks a lot for this post. It’s very informative. If you don’t mind, I’ve a question; How do you deal with Spam in blog comments? I genuinely hate it, It wastes my time and I hate dealing with it every day. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to reduce the amount of comment spam I get on my blog? Thanks for the suggestions.


  2. jd2718 says:

    What a fool. Fiberglass? Does he have any idea when Millard Fillmore was president? Someone, go buy that guy a new dollar.


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