If you get pulled over in Arizona . . .

Has Arizona’s legislature thought about this question?

Si un policia me dice “papeles” y yo le digo “tijeras” . . . gano yo?

6 Responses to If you get pulled over in Arizona . . .

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Tell me…exactly how fast do you think you’d flip if it was you who was a US citizen that had to carry around proof that you belonged here every day of your life?

    They haven’t thought that far ahead. The fact is that Arizona’s law does require U.S. citizens to carry around their papers. Oddly, it favors immigrants with green cards over anyone living in California, New York, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, or any other state.

    If you’re pulled over in Arizona, under the law, the cops can send you to ICE for detention unless you show them your immigration papers or a valid ARIZONA driver license. Contrary to the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution, licenses from other states won’t do.

    Even before the law took effect, we had a California guy arrested and detained for 14 hours while the goods in his truck rotted. He was detained until his wife could drive from 100 miles away with his birth certificate — he was born in California.

    But, he had no immigration papers, no Arizona license, and the cop didn’t like the way he looked and sounded like . . . someone who didn’t belong.


  2. Nick K says:

    Naturally you would support the bill, Lower.

    Tell me…exactly how fast do you think you’d flip if it was you who was a US citizen that had to carry around proof that you belonged here every day of your life?

    I imagine you’d flip pretty fast. But have fun supporting that law who was cooked up by a Republican white supremacist and a neo-Nazi supporter.


  3. Porlock Junior says:

    Don’t forget that one of the people who helped us win the Revolution was General Roshambo. Got along fine with G. Washington at Yorktown.

    Of course, being an ignorant parley-voo, he spelled it Rochambeau.


  4. lowerleavell says:

    I live in AZ and actually support the bill…but that’s funny! :-)


  5. Jerry C. says:

    Rock, paper, scissors Que? I’m still laughing five minutes later.


  6. HMS says:

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