Something to toot your horn about: Scouts save Bugling merit badge

Boy Scouts of America reviews merit badge offerings from time to time, adding new badges, modifying requirements, retiring badges that are unpopular or outdated.

Recently Bugling was dropped as a separate badge, and made an adjunct of the Music merit badge.  Bugling was a great tradition in Scouts — a music-oriented badge that required only that one be able to memorize and blow recognizable versions of several bugle calls.

Perhaps ironically, Bugling also drew the spotlight as the last merit badge earned by several of those super Scouts who earned every possible merit badge.  For some reason, learning to blow the horn was just the last or toughest thing they could master.

Good news:  Bugling has been reinstated.

Bugling reinstated as separate merit badge

Bugling Have your guys start practicing “Taps,” because Bugling is here to stay.

In early June, we reported that the Bugling merit badge was to be discontinued and its requirements merged into Music merit badge.

That’s no longer the case. Responding to concerns from hundreds of Scouters, the BSA’s Youth Development team has decided to reinstate Bugling as a separate merit badge.

Oddly enough, this means that Bugling will never have officially been part of Music merit badge, because the changes were never reflected in a Boy Scout Requirements book.

Bugling and Music will continue to share a merit badge pamphlet. Requirements and information for both of the badges will be contained within that single booklet.


To the Colors, from USSSP Bugling Merit Badge page

"To the Colors," one of the bugle calls required for the Bugling merit badge. Image from U.S. Scouting Service Project

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