Ben Quayle: Worst Congressional candidate in recent history

Dan Quayle’s son, Ben, has raised obnoxiousness and rudeness to new heights (that’s “rudity” or “rudiferousness” to Palinistas).

Quayle the Lesser is running for Congress in Arizona, the state where his family owned a huge interest in the state’s main newspaper, and the state where his father, Dan, said he learned all about California while spending time with family in Arizona growing up.  (Logic?  You wanted logic?)

And he’s put out this ad.

I’ll wager the ad gets more play on the internet than on television.

Sounds like Quayle is really, really desperate. Do the polls show him down that much? It’s a 10-way race for the Republican nomination, with the primary election on August 24.

Quayle has other embarrassments already in the campaign, including a campaign flyer that showed him playing with two little girls, when he was married just this past April (the girls turned out to be his nieces), and a connection to an off-color website regarding Scottsdale.

Years ago Esquire magazine named Sen. Bill Scott, R-Virginia, the “stupidest” senator on Capitol Hill.  Scott called a press conference to deny it.  The first question he was asked:  “If  you’re not the stupidest senator, who is?”

Even though his campaign website is a clear ripoff of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign site, Ben Quayle may have answered the question, “Who is the worst candidate for Congress this year?”

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2 Responses to Ben Quayle: Worst Congressional candidate in recent history

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  2. jsojourner says:


    I know Dan Quayle. I have interviewed Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle was a Senator of mine.

    Ed, I’m sorry. But you’re no Dan Quayle.

    (‘Cause you’re all “facty” and whatnot. And you understand complex ideas. What’s with you, anyway?)

    On a serious note, I’ve long affirmed that there are conservatives who possess some serious intellectual heft. A number of them have died recently, like Bill Buckley and William Safire. It’s difficult to dispute the gravitas of a Dick Lugar or a John Warner. But Quayle? Meh. I’d put him perhaps a notch above The Decider when it comes to speaking in complete sentences and understanding all things “logicky”.)

    His son, I only met once. A nice boy, but I think he was nine at the time. The whole Quayle family is very nice. Likeable, decent folks. Marilyn is clearly the brains of the operation. There was much talk a few years ago that she would return to Indiana and run for Governor. No idea if sonny boy has anything going on upstairs. But to call Barack Obama the worst President in U.S. history — ignoring the genocide of Andrew Jackson, the rank incompetence of Andrew Johnson, the racism of Woodrow Wilson, the criminality of Richard Nixon, and the stark, pathetic cluelessness of The Decider, simply betrays a failure to grasp basic history. Or a desire to win a hotly-contested primary. ;-)

    One side note that might be of interest for anyone caring to dig a bit: The Quayle family has some curious and rather odd connections to the Reverend Sun Myung and Mrs. Moon of the Unification Church. The Quayles are hardcore Evangelicals, so it seems these are strange bedfellows indeed. Of course, if Moon can come to the rescue of bankrupt Liberty University, I suppose he can wine and dine the Quayles from time to time.


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