Want to teach evolution? Then be ready for THIS!

Threat to Bug Girl, Child of Satin

What would the police make of such a threat?

Bug Girl lifts the tent flap to show us just a little of what it’s like to be a teacher of evolution, including mysterious threats made on notes left under windshield wipers.

At least, I think it’s a threat.  (“If you teach evolution, I’ll make you giggle till you choke!”)

I figure that note came from the sort of person who would pray for this to happen to a good professor of biology.

(Do you think the note writer was trying to say something about the sheets upon which Bug Girl’s parents frolicked?)

4 Responses to Want to teach evolution? Then be ready for THIS!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Oh, Bug Girl, I’ve been going back and forth on that.

    So, I think you should try to get a publisher for a book about them, and let the lawyers for the publishing company sort it out.

    I think the comments are yours once delivered, to do with as you see fit — even publish. I’ll wager the university has no policy at all on the issue (but I’d check just to be sure).

    And truth be told, I’m quite anxious to know what the little nippers said.


  2. Bug Girl says:

    Ha! Glad this amused you :)

    And where do you come down on my survey about whether or not to post additional items from student essays from 10 yrs ago? Some of them are just about as sad/hilarious as this.


  3. lowerleavell says:

    Whoever it was, they misspelled Satan…


  4. melodymayhem says:

    I think the person who wrote it just really, really hated Charles Darning…

    Creationism or my pun, which is most awful, I wonder… :)


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