How many at Beck’s rally? Just listen . . .

All the professional crowd estimators put the number of people attending Glenn Beck’s rally at the Lincoln Memorial at over 50,000 people, but under 100,000 — most came out in the 85,000 to 90,000 range.

But — don’t you love the brevity of Twitter?


  • Michele Bachmann claims 1.6 million at Beck rally. That’s about right if you count the voices in her head. 18 minutes ago via TweetDeck
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    1. Ed Darrell says:

      . . . Caribou Barbie . . .

      What? Who?

      Oh! You mean, Mooselini!


    2. Jim Stanley says:

      Hi Ed!

      I dunno, I just LOL’ed when I heard Fox say that. There were what…100 of the porta johns there? Assuming every one was occupied and two people were waiting at each one…barely a dent. Yet Fox sounded like this number would cause the totals to swell. Grasping at straws, methinks.

      Plus, let’s ask THIS question. How many of those inside the porta potties were vomiting because what they were just passing by and overheard what Beck and Caribou Barbie were peddling? ;-)


    3. Ed Darrell says:


      The methods of estimating attendance actually do take into account those people in the portable latrines.

      Length of lines at the things is also an indicator of attendance, I’ve been told by people who used to work at such estimating. Were there lines visible in any of the photos? If not, aim for the lower estimates.

      PortaPotties are expensive. Event organizers tend to undershoot the number they need. If there are short lines, that means they got too many, and so they overpay.

      I think Beck is too much of a skinflint to overpay for portable latrines, willingly. I think he overestimated how many people would be there, and even that estimate was lower than he claims.

      Somebody oughtta do that research.


    4. Jim Stanley says:

      Yes, but as one of the talking heads on Fox “We Distort, You Comply” News said…

      “Sure. But did the official estimates take into account that there were people in porta-potties who were there for the Beck rally?”

      No. They did not. Point proven. You guys win.


    5. Ed Darrell says:

      Crowd estimating experts put it at 87,000.

      See here, for example, in the Washington Post:

      Or here in the New York Times:

      Or here, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on the issue of how to estimate the crowd size and what was reported:

      Is Beck crazier than Bachmann? Does he hear more voices than she does?


    6. James Napier says:

      There were probably 150,00 of his minions there. If you can get a show on a top network that has been on for more than a year, it isn’t hard to convince people you know what you are talking about.

      The trick is to target people with a lower IQ than yourself. While Mr.Beck’s IQ is in the gifted range, I’m certain he is not quite a genius. Out of all those people in the crowd, what % do you think have an IQ higher than Glenn Beck? My answer would be 2% tops.

      Really intelligent people aren’t falling for his shtick.

      Goodnight now!


    7. Joe G says:

      What your source that their were at most 100,000 people?That place was packed from the front all the way to the back.


    8. James Napier says:

      I would pay $50 to see Jeff Beck play guitar. I would pay 4X that to see that smarmy f— Glenn Beck get tea bagged by The Village People. He is so douchy!


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