Dan Valentine – Wedding ring in the pawnshop window

I’m back and back is beautiful, to tweak a phrase. Where have I been? Taking care of business with the helping hand of a special-special life-long friend.

For now, I’ll simply say: Life is an adventure, a gift and a grand adventure, and more than just a mite irksome at times.

These many weeks, in what little spare time I’ve had, I’ve also been writing lyrics. Everyone needs a hobby. Mine is writing lyrics.

Thus, the following song regarding our times:

By Daniel Valentine
(c) 2010

The wedding ring
In the pawnshop window.
The price tag on a string,
Tied to the wedding ring,
Says it all, says ev’rything.
Life seldom ever goes as planned.

The wedding ring
In the pawnshop window.
To think the joy it must
Have brought once. Now it’s just
Sitting there collecting dust,
Pawned for a fast few bucks in hand.

That said, a future groom and bride,
Their savings on the meager side,
Stop to sneak a peak, beguiled and starry-eyed.

And what they see are tons and tons
Of rare old coins, guitars and guns,
One music box, two cuckoo clocks,
Plus a fly or three dead on the sill.
Then they see the ring and all is still.

The wedding ring
In the pawnshop window.
It glimmers and it gleams.
It’s ev’rything that dreams
Are made of, or so it seems,
And all for less than half a grand.

And so, like tens of times before,
The tiny bell above the door
Jingles as the lovers step inside the store.

And, oh, the sparkle in her eyes
When first she tries it on for size.
It fits just right and in the light,
When she holds her left hand out to show,
Like her heart, the diamond’s all aglow.

The wedding ring
In the pawnshop window.
The register ka-chings.
An angel gets its wings.
And a tweetie birdie sings.
All while a credit card is scanned.

The wedding ring
In the panwshop window.
A mom with bills to pay
In need without delay
Pawned the ring to save the day,
Such are the times in our fair land.

3 Responses to Dan Valentine – Wedding ring in the pawnshop window

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I wondered whether you’d seen this news story, Dan — it certainly tails into what you’re saying:

    Struggling woman has to sell Obama letter to help pay for house

    A struggling mom who wrote to President Obama about her financial hardship and received a handwritten response from him saying, “Things will get better!,” has had to sell the letter to an autograph dealer to help pay for a house.

    Jennifer Cline, 28, from Monroe, Mich., wrote to Obama describing how she and her husband had lost their jobs in 2007. She wrote, “I lost my job, my health benefits and my self-worth in a matter of five days.”

    She’s selling the letter for $7,000 — a big help in the family budget right now.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/jennifer_cline_things_better_handwritten_DHxGcCyMoU9kVZ6XQIpyNJ#ixzz163dR0CHn


  2. Daniel Valentine says:

    Thanks, Val. I needed that. I was unsure about the lyric. Some would say a pawned wedding ring has negative energy. I would argue that a piece of rock that has played a part in putting food on the table, clothes on the backs, and a roof over the heads of loved ones has extremely good energy. I didn’t put that in the lyric but fitting music would. A lyric is not a poem. A lyric needs music. Fact is, music’s the most important part. It’s been said a million times before by those in the know, but I’ll say it again. A good song can survive so-so lyrics, but it can’t endure without good music. Music is language of its own.


  3. vali says:

    Beautiful! Sad, But not negative.
    such is life.


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