Relief for Rand Paul’s toilet problem

David Roberts at the online Grist site has a toilet that will solve Rand Paul’s problem, as Paul let slip at a Senate hearing earlier this week.  A couple of interesting videos accompanied Roberts’ article:

And this one, which makes me happy we didn’t have this toilet when our kids were toddlers, and at war with each other, or just happy to study hydraulics with frequent flushes, frequently with stuff that shouldn’t be flushed:

Bill Scher, also at Grist, did the shopping earlier that Rand Paul appears unable  to do — there are several toilets available to solve Paul’s problem, many of them made in America.

Almost three years ago we replaced the three toilets in our home with two Toto models and one Kohler, all low-flow, water miser editions.  They work fine. (We also shopped our local area, and found prices considerably below those listed, at several different outlets.)  Kohler, in fact, enlists the help of a fetching plumber named Jo.  She steps into a well-appointed bathroom and invites you to test Kohler’s toilets — you pick something in the bathroom, and she flushes it.  Bye bye, rubber duckie.  So long, handtowel.  Four bottles of shampoo at once.

Test Kohler toilets with Jo, the plumber

Click image to test Kohler toilets [Update, August 2012: Alas, Kohler seems to have deactivated the interactive site.] [BUT, see update below.]

Kohler, clearly, had someone with Sen. Paul’s, er, um, problem, in mind!

So, Rand Paul no longer has a reason to be full of s—.  It’s time he vote to endorse saving energy, as appliance and lightbulb manufacturers have done.  Why is Paul so opposed to American business anyway?

Update: The Trophy Wife™ suggested somebody stage a showdown, or flush off between Jo the Plumber and Sen. Rand Paul.  Jo the Plumber could see how well the Republican budget whacks flush away . . . “H.R. 1:  Flushes cleanly!  382 pages gone!  Appropriately disposed of!  What do you want to flush next?”

Perhaps someone adept at editing flash videos could make that happen . . .

Update, May 2020: Fortunately, Kohler did a video of their interactive ad, and that still exists. I admit I enjoyed pointing to odd objects in the game, which Jo the Plumber then dutifully flushed. Video gives you an idea of what the toilet can handle, enough to handle Rand Paul and Donald Trump together, probably.

12 Responses to Relief for Rand Paul’s toilet problem

  1. bidet toilet combo…

    Relief for Rand Paul’s toilet problem « Millard Fillmore's Bathtub…


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    We have two Toto toilets that are really primo. Our Crane is great, too. Each of them was under $300. No high pressure. Much better performance than our 4 and 6 gallon flushers we replaced them with.


  3. Ediacaran says:

    Flushmate. I first saw one of these at a car dealership, and it was so high-powered, I was compelled to “look under the hood”. It’s a sealed tank unit that uses the source water pressure to compress air in the top of the sealed insert tank that helps force the water during the flush. Being more competent than Rand Paul, I’ve been able to keep my existing toilets in good repair, so I haven’t yet replaced them with Flushmate toilets, but those would be my choice when the time comes.


  4. […] Paul revealed why he’s full of . . . that certain fecality, shall we say.  He did that in a hearing about light bulbs, and appliances.  Energy conservation […]


  5. […] [Update:  Paul could learn about efficient, U.S.-built toilets, here.] […]


  6. Nick K says:

    Ed, think Mark would agree to live a couple years on $9 an hour just to prove himself right?

    After all..that is what 1 in 4 Americans makes…..

    Yes there is class warfare going on. By the rich against everyone else.


  7. […] Rand Paul complains that his toilet doesn’t work, that he has to flush it 10 times.  Rand, baby, what do you eat? Try one of these toilets. […]


  8. Nick K says:

    Pseudo, I have a question for you.

    Rand Paul wants the entire country to go “Right to Work” which would be more honestly called “Right for the owners to bend over the workers and **** them up the ***.”

    Study after study shows that workers in so called “Right to Work” states get paid less, have less benefits, have little to no pensions.

    Now…if you want to defend Rand Paul…then why on God’s green worth would any worker agree to his little idea?


  9. Ed Darrell says:

    Stupid reactionary, knee-jerk (i.e., conservative) responses: Mark at Pseudo Polymath critiques my criticism of Rand Paul:

    Stupid liberal rhetorical responses, use literalism to avoid confronting the real point, oh and don’t forget the most common (seen from my perch) liberal conversational tactic … the personal insult. The substantial point for the discussion in any rational environment would be the over-arching growth and intrusive reach of government regulation. Alas, it goes unnoticed.

    I dashed off this response, there:

    The problem, literally, is that Rand Paul is an oafish, bullying idiot. Most of his rants are built on his great store of ignorance — like his claim that the Americans With Disabilities Act would have been okay, if only it were amended to allow rational alternatives to dramatic re-engineering of buildings for wheelchairs. Of course, ADA is the model of how a law can be created that allows rational alternatives instead of massive building changes. Paul could have read the law. Paul could have read up on the regulations. Paul could have called his local city’s code enforcement people. But instead he teed off on ‘those power grabbing wheelchair people,’ as if anyone ever chooses to be crippled in order to gain power.

    With Rand Paul, the alternative is to ask, “What would a sane person do?” In almost every case, it would be the opposite of what Paul did, or does, or proposes. That’s far below the standard of “What Would Jesus Do,” but then Republicans and Tea Partiers long ago abandoned any pretense of moral action.

    This case is no different. Paul argues, in effect, that American engineers are stupid, that Americans must simply learn to live with shoddy products that don’t do what we need them to do, and that force is the general American way, rather diplomacy, art, grace or deftness.

    Paul complains that his choices are limited. Why? Because Paul is incompetent at shopping for toilets, and apparently so incompetent he couldn’t keep his old, water-wasting toilets working.

    What in the hell does that have to do with lighting?

    Personal insult? Paul’s entire rant was insulting, to anti-abortion advocates, to pro-choice advocates, to Boy Scouts, to Girl Scouts, to plumbers, to American engineers, to patriotic public servants, to appliance manufacturers, to any thinking person, and to the American flag. I called him on it. Was that an insult? Truth hurts sometimes, eh?

    Paul needs a lot more truth, regardless how it hurts him personally.

    Did Paul have a point? He didn’t make it. He’s wrong on the facts, and wrong on the law. Is that necessary, polite, or wise?

    Come on over to Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub where we deal with politicians and falsehoods about plumbing. We know hoaxes, and ignorance, at a glance.

    What choice has been limited? Can you tell us?

    Probably should have said “Rand Paul can be an oafish, bullying idiot” rather than “is.”

    But then, I’ve never seen the man in a graceful moment. I might be right with the “is.” I wish Paul would provide contrary evidence. After all, his office posted his oafish behavior on YouTube.

    That’s part of the problem, of course. Tea Partiers and other usually-non-thinking conservatives generally mistake insult for clever response, ill-informed rant for counter-argument. It’s difficult for a thinking person to look wholly pure pointing out such reeking stupidity, too.

    What’s your experience?


  10. Ed Darrell says:

    P. Z. Myers is a wise man. He often sets a good example.

    But does the good Dr. Myers have low-flow toilets that flush? That’s a question.


  11. Lars says:

    You know, Ed, that PZ Myers fellow says that he has a Trophy Wife too.


  12. Jerry C. says:

    I have a 1.3 gal. Kohler that works perfectly every time and I also have a house original 3.5 gal that often takes two flushes. Same two people use both! I will replace the old 3.5 as soon as I can afford to. Rand Paul is just–well you know and I don’t really want to use those words in a public forum.


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