Gotta know some history — and myth — to get the joke: Greece’s financial crisis

From the highly-respected Borowitz Report:

Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse

Steed Wheeled Into Brussels at Night

Trojan Horse, image via Borowitz Report

BRUSSELS (The Borowitz Report) – In what many are hailing as a breakthrough solution to Greece’s crippling debt crisis, Greece today offered to repay loans from the European Union nations by giving them a gigantic horse.

Finance ministers from sixteen EU nations awoke in Brussels this morning to find that a huge wooden horse had been wheeled into the city center overnight.

Sometimes I think we could do better than some of the state standards if we just used a New Yorker  cartoon standard:  Kids will be considered educated when they can explain all the cartoons in four consecutive issues of The New Yorker, and tell why they are funny.

In the same piece, Borowitz digs at Palin’s supporters and al-Qaeda’s new CEO.  It’s worth the click.

14 Responses to Gotta know some history — and myth — to get the joke: Greece’s financial crisis

  1. Pangolin says:

    Whoa, whoa, back up here. Am I the only person who saw the horse? Trojan horse joke making fun of inept EU bankers that accept transparently fraudulent economic premises? Ha-ha? ha..

    The thread turned into a pissing match based on a toss-off line insulting Sarah Palin at the bottom of three paragraphs.

    Damnit I expected better from you. I was waiting for some clever damn repartee based upon our dimly remembered readings of the Iliad and Odyssey. And not a single goddamn Oedipal joke involving Sarah and Track even though that road is paved smooth as babies bottom.

    I am so disappointed in y’all. Ok, Dona gets points for the mention but the rest of ya; sharpen up.


  2. Trying to leave aside the ludicrous thread-jacking —

    DiscordianScrooge has it right. If I met anyone who thought all the cartoons in 4 issues of the New Yorker were funny, I’d be inclined to back away slowly, smiling and laughing all the time. Can’t be too prudent; and it’s a more refined reaction to spookiness than shooting first and psychoanalyzing later.

    None of which keeps the NYer from being about the best source of witty cartoons on the planet. Even though it’s not as good as it used to be, and it never has been.

    But it’s things like the title and main thrust of this posting that really bring home what a bloody elitist I am. It’s not easy to imagine someone able to read the Borowitz piece (and, of course, raised in European civilization, not some distant and ancient other civilization) who wouldn’t catch the idea instantly. Where have they been? Did they think the computer security guys were warning of some kind of malware that sneaks contraceptives into your Catholic computer?

    I fear it runs in the family. One of the younger Ferentes, in fact, went with a bunch of friends to the movie *Troy* so that they could all intone “Sing, Goddes, the anger of Peleus’ son Achilles” (but in Greek, of course) as the titles ended. Now *that’s* esoteric. I wont try to justify that.


  3. Maybe the kids could just describe why New Yorker cartoons are supposed to be funny. Making them actually find the cartoons funny would be cruel.


  4. Jim says:

    Hi Thomas!

    I rather think Caribou Barbie would get lots of coverage from European media if she were “theirs”. BUT…

    …there are two sorts of media in most European nations. They have their gossip rags and their serious news outlets. The former would relish the joke that Palin is. The latter would, as you opine, mostly ignore her.

    America, of course, has two streams of media as well. The problem with us is that it’s all conflated. CBS News, CNN and MSNBC are as likely to cover Charlie Sheen, Caribou Barbie and the missing, rich, white co-ed of the month as they are hard news. Entertainment Tonight and the National Enquirer should be the go-to fishwrap for most of that baloney.

    Of course, money is the bottom line for today’s American media and easily-led dumbs continue to eagerly gobble up whatever they can get about Charlie Palin. Err…Sarah Sheen. Err…ahh…well…

    Ed Murrow, we hardly knew ye…


  5. thomas says:

    My last post was in response to Morgan K.Freeberg’s most recent post, of course.


  6. thomas says:

    Palin self-selected to be what or who she is. Mostly we Liberals are observers and reporters of the madness. We are not “jealous” as you assert, in any way, shape or form. Any obsession that has developed is out of utter astonishment that the media gives her the power they do. In any other developed Democracy she would be laughed off stage. The Europeans know she is a fraud and are bewildered that an obvious know-nothing tweets and pontificates on any and every issue while constantly and consistently refusing to accept the fact that she caused McCain to lose to an obviously brilliant, well educated and strong and wise parent and husband and president. Palin has none of those qualities. She embarrasses herself with every tweet and every appearance on Fox News Channel. How can you not see that? Or are you playing a silly game?


  7. Pangolin says:

    Man, that boat trip back from Brussels is going to be a bear though……. but I can’t wait for the tweets from the crew.


  8. Jim says:

    The more I read from Morgan, the more I suspect he is some sort of agent provocateur bent on actually further discreditng Caribou Barbie with the sheer ineptitude of his rhetoric on her behalf.

    Either that, or he’s a frat boy with a decent lexicon who simply can’t get over what a nice rack she has. I run into that every so often among the Paulbot fanboys. They like the notion of a gold standard, criminalizing abortion, screwing the poor and sick and still being able to legally toke up.

    But damn. She’s just so plucky and so cute.

    The mind reels.


  9. James Kessler says:

    TO quote:
    It shows the Palin-loathing crowd to be jealous of her accomplishments . . .

    Okay…what accomplishments? What in God’s name has she actually accomplished?


  10. Ed Darrell says:

    It shows the Palin-loathing crowd to be jealous of her accomplishments . . .

    Speaking of delusions . . .

    . . . along with at the same time being genuinely ignorant and uninformed about what those accomplishments are, and how they & their prized perks rely on those accomplishments . . .

    What perquisite of anyone rides on anything Palin ever accomplished?

    Beyond building a performance center Wasilla didn’t need and can’t pay for, and blowing the whistle on some minor expense account stuff on the oil commission, what has Palin ever accomplished of note and value?

    And, do you think Paul Revere warned the British” Palin would get this joke from Borowitz? Any evidence she knows anything about world history?


  11. Ed Darrell says:

    Pattern continues: When liberals use what they call “humor,” they really just pretend things happened that really didn’t, so they can make certain ideas look good that probably aren’t that good.

    Who you callin’ liberal? Borowitz, or the Greeks?


  12. Question for you, Thomas. Is it a vision of liberals/progressives to make a world in which everyone has a place? Not just poor people and ex-felons…but Palin and people who see things as she does, as well?

    Every time I see or hear one of you speaking up — especially here — there is this breathless urgency, this huge adrenaline push, to marginalize people. Ever since the Florida election debacle, it seems to be a central pillar of the ideology — identify people who don’t measure up, and dismiss them as “nincompoops.” Like as the years roll by, it’s less and less about selecting policies, and more and more about selecting people.

    There are those who say Palin herself is going this long being a private citizen, to showcase all this adrenaline going in to trying to guarantee her ineffectiveness, even during such a time as she holds no elective office — to cast a limelight on this widespread obsessive-compulsive disorder, and put the Big Reveal on the fact that modern liberals are not so inclusive after all. I hope that’s the case; in her shoes, I wouldn’t be above some maneuver like that. She’s very much entitled. But I’m afraid she has more class than I do.


  13. thomas says:

    Morgan K Freeberg – I am a lifelong Liberal/Progressive. I am sixty-four years old. I have lived in Europe and I have travelled all over the world. I grew up on a small family farm in Kentucky and now live in Tampa, FL. I served in the USAF honorably and I am a Vietnam veteran. I am retired from my civilian career in the field of children & family services in MA and FL . I think it is asinine for anyone to accuse “Liberals” of being jealous of Mrs. Palin. She is nothing but a joke. The entire world recognizes her as a grifter and bloviating fool, excpet for her fans/ followers, fundamentalist christians and Dominionists as well as some of the Neocons and socially conservative Republicans who are 99.9% white, middle aged people and their iindoctrinated offspring (she is losing more and more Neocon support each day as they cannot sustain pretending to believe she is a viable candidate).

    So to accuse me and/or “Liberals” of being “jealous” of Mrs. Palin is ridiculous on its face. She cannot even form an unscripted coherent sentence in English. She is obviously not well educated and she has more skeletons in her closet than a Halloween fun park. Some scandals and lies have been and are being exposed by the blogger Malia Litman and the Alaskan Bloggers who know more about the Palin/Heath families than anyone else on planet earth.

    And regarding Peggy Noonan. I also have no respect/admiration for her. In fact .she is a word magician who uses big words and strings them together in what she herself thinks is a wonderful and poetic way to impress readers who cannot see through her self-aggrandizing and truly bizarre way with words and her bordering on loony thought processes. Have you ever seen her on the Sunday talk shows? My god, she goes into a trance while talking and she channels different dictionaries/poets and stares down at the table in a very strange way. It’s as if she doesn’t speak with the rest of the panelists. She thinks she is so unique and extraordinary. It is sickening to watch her. I no longer do if I know she is on a panel.

    Palin and Noonan are both people I would never associate with or allow them to be in my personal life. They are nincompoops.


  14. Pattern continues: When liberals use what they call “humor,” they really just pretend things happened that really didn’t, so they can make certain ideas look good that probably aren’t that good.

    Seriously, if you tasked me to go finding people who can’t figure out what four- and five-syllable words mean, I’d make a beeline for the Palin haters, not the Palin fans. I know plenty of both. When Palin fans make fun of Palin haters, the “humor” tends to be better because it mirrors reality better.

    I would offer as an example: Someone was making reference to Peggy Noonan being jealous of Palin, offering a situation where Noonan’s cackles were being raised at the mention of Todd & Sarah Palin’s fishing business. The column imagined Noonan protesting “What’s the big deal about catching a fish? Call Leonard’s on Third, they deliver.”

    Now, that’s funny. It shows the Palin-loathing crowd to be jealous of her accomplishments, along with at the same time being genuinely ignorant and uninformed about what those accomplishments are, and how they & their prized perks rely on those accomplishments; that they’re genuinely spoiled, they live in a world where food comes from a restaurant, and doesn’t have to be slaughtered or harvested. Therefore, it mirrors reality.


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