Stroll through history: 100th History Carnival

The Century edition, 100th Carnival of History is up on the internet, over at Walking the Berkshires.  Well worth the stroll.

Who says history isn’t sexy or exciting?  Tim Abbott, in the text discussing entrants to the 100th History Carnival, tossed off this gem:

And then we have certain minted pneumismatic artifacts of scholarly interest blogged about at Hypervocal.  Be forewarned that these may be considered NSFW in some quarters.  Are they ancient Roman brothel tokens, or possibly pornographic gaming pieces?  At right, a proposed design for a modern token, suitable for use by disgraced US Congressmen in exchange for sexting services, appropriately priced at “sex asses”, if I remember my High School Latin.

You’ll have to go read it there if you don’t know immediately what he’s talking about.

Other pointers to great posts, with more that I haven’t mentioned:

Now:  Is there some way to sneak a copy of the 100th History Carnival into the e-mail of every member of the Texas Lege?


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