Typewriter of the moment: Comedian Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel at his typewriter, via Mike Lynch Cartoons

Stan Laurel at his typewriter, where he composed notes to fans. Image via Mike Lynch Cartoons

That is Stan Laurel, half of the comedic team of Laurel and Hardy, famous from the movies of the black & white era, famous from the caricatures in the cartoons our children, perhaps, have seen.  The photo is circa 1958.

Oliver Hardy died in 1957 from a series of strokes, and Laurel suffered a stroke himself.  He was unable to make movies any more, he said.  But he did bother to personally answer all his correspondence from fans.  On the typewriter pictured, he typed out short notes in response the fan mail, like this one, from 1958:

Note from comedian Stan Laurel to a fan - via Mike Lynch Cartoons, via Letters of Note

Note from comedian Stan Laurel to a fan - via Mike Lynch Cartoons, via Letters of Note

Laurel died in 1965.  It’s a bygone era.

No, I haven’t identified the typewriter.

The text of the note can be found at Mike Lynch Cartoons.  I gather Lynch got the images from Letters of Note, a blog devoted to written correspondence of some historic value (it’s very interesting).

  • Laurel and Hardy in “Nothing But Trouble,” 1944

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5 Responses to Typewriter of the moment: Comedian Stan Laurel

  1. Chinmaya says:

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    How can one tell the difference between an SM-4 and an SM-3?


  3. Dick Loftin says:

    The typewriter looks like an Olympia SM3, ca. 1957 model, which would fit for Stan’s letter dated 1958.

    I love old typewriters. What I appreciate the most is the technology. These machines are 50, 60, years old, and if they have been left in the case in Grandma’s attic for 40+ years, they will still work as good as the day they were made… maybe they need a new ribbon and a dusting off, but they still work. Try that with a computer!



  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Great catch, Kerry! Thanks.


  5. Kerry Maxwell says:

    According to this, Olympia model SM-4:


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