Fly your flag on Valentine’s Day? Okay in Oregon and Arizona

Some wag e-mailed to ask about flying the flag for Valentine’s Day.

Reverse of Oregon quarter

Oregon entered as the 33rd state in 1859 – this is the Oregon commemorative quarter-dollar coin.

Legally, nothing stops a resident from flying the U.S. flag following protocol on any day.  So the short answer is, yes, you may fly your U.S. flag on Valentine’s Day.

The Flag Code urges flying the flag on the day a state achieved statehood, too.

So for Oregon and Arizona, there is an expectation that residents will fly their flags.  Oregon came into the union on February 14, 1859; Arizona joined the Republic as a state in 1912.

Taft signs Arizona statehood papers, February 14, 1912

President William Howard Taft signed the papers accepting Arizona into statehood, on February 14, 1912. He still finished third behind Democrat Woodrow Wilson and Bullmoose Party’s Teddy Roosevelt in that fall’s elections. Photo found at Mrs. Convir’s page, Balboa Magnet School  (Can you identify others in the photo?  Who is the young man?)


2 Responses to Fly your flag on Valentine’s Day? Okay in Oregon and Arizona

  1. sbh says:

    Taft had a problem with Arizona’s admission; he objected to a provision in their constitution allowing for recall of judges by popular vote, or something of that sort. Arizona obligingly submitted a version of their constitution without the offending provision, and Taft approved its bid for statehood. And, once in, Arizona promptly re-inserted the provision into its constitution, much to Taft’s annoyance.

    Many years ago I amused myself by reading through at least two newspapers from 1912 on microfilm at the Portland State College library; at least one of them, though Republican in sympathy, took a rather derisive editorial tone toward Taft on the issue. There is a certain fascination in reading old political diatribes; the vitriol remains even when the ashes are cold–to mix metaphors.


  2. sbh says:

    Years ago, when I was in grade school in Oregon, we got Valentine’s Day off. Okay, it was actually Oregon Statehood Day or something like that, but we got it off from school.


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