Honk if you don’t get the joke

In Texas, Christian-themed bumper stickers outnumber all others by a huge number.

Some of the non-Christians have a better sense of humor, or at least a willingness to pun:

Ankh if you love Isis

“Ankh if you love Isis” bumper sticker in Texas. Photo by Ed Darrell

Of course, in order to get the homophone pun, and the joke, one needs to know a bit about world history and ancient Egyptian religions.  One faces the danger that people in the parking lot at the local Sam’s Club won’t know world history, won’t get the joke, and may take offense.

It’s a form of a test, to see who paid attention in world history and has a sense of humor, and who didn’t pay attention in world history.

I knew a librarian once, a good Christian woman, who hated those “Honk if you love Jesus” bumper stickers.  She said that she once sat on a crowded freeway and counted more than 25 of the things on cars that passed.  No one honked, however, and she feared that meant  people didn’t love Jesus.  Unintentional blasphemy by silence — only in Texas.

Honk if you don’t get the joke.  We’ll find a remedial world history class for you.


Some Texans were unhappy to learn “Don’t Mess With Texas” was an anti-litter slogan; some Texans take their bumper stickers way too seriously. Texas Public Radio image

6 Responses to Honk if you don’t get the joke

  1. jsojourner says:

    Ellie, I love it! Ed, I think that was me. It was when I was trying to let as many people as possible know about the War on the Olympics.



  2. Ellie says:

    There was a bumper sticker a few years ago which said:
    Isis Isis
    Ra Ra Ra.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Jim, didn’t you send me the “Zeus, the reason for the season” picture with the Olympic rings?

    Somebody had a Facebook poster with Erde, and “The Reason for the Season” for the Spring Equinox and Easter.

    I like the humor of all of those things. I especially like the way it tends to shake stick-in-the-mud Americans to think a bit about culture, religious belief, and what the religious parts of the First Amendment are all about.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    You might still be able to find the buttons and stickers that say “WWJD?” with a smiling Thomas Jefferson next to the letters.


  5. jsojourner says:

    I was always fond of “Keep Zeus in the Olympics”.


  6. Bob Becker says:

    Re: religious bumper stickers. A couple of decades ago, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, I spotted a bumper sticker saying “What would Ra do?” Still smile thinking of it. California plates, of course.


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