Words most abused by the right

Morgan Freeberg had a great idea, but mislabled it.  I’ve started a corrected list here, below.  More corrections will need to be made, and a few additions will be in order.  I already added a tiny handful.  To start out all the links go to Morgan’s site, so I can’t vouch for any of his definitions.  Feel free to suggest explanatory links for any work or phrase, in comments.

First draft,”Words Most Abused by the Right”:

  1. Tolerance

    Tolerance t-shirt design from Northern Sun

    Tolerance t-shirt design from Northern Sun; t-shirt will certainly tick off members of the Right Wing.

  2. Fairness
  3. Equality
  4. Vote
  5. Democracy
  6. Capitalism
  7. Free market
  8. Economics
  9. Jobs
  10. Family
  11. Marriage
  12. Contraception, and Family Planning
  13. Inclusion
  14. Science
  15. Open-minded
  16. Egalitarian
  17. Stereotype
  18. Oppressive
  19. Non-threatening
  20. Diversity
  21. Everyone
  22. Skeptic
  23. Nuance
  24. Progressive
  25. Constitution
  26. History
  27. Science
  28. Religion
  29. Environment
  30. News
  31. Journalism
  32. Hate speech
  33. Tea Party
  34. Abuse
  35. Torture
  36. Greed
  37. Assault (weapon/rifle/gun)
  38. Wealthy
  39. Any tangible noun that ends with “ist,” or intangible noun that ends with “ism.”
  40. Undocumented
  41. Working (family)
  42. Worker
  43. Labor
  44. Right(s)
  45. Ethical
  46. Transparent(cy)
  47. Landmark
  48. Theocracy
  49. Common sense
  50. Safety
  51. Fascist/ism
  52. Communist/ism
  53. Socialist/ism
  54. Mainstream
  55. Forward

Morgan also “cross-posted” his list at House of Eratosthenes and Right Wing News.  Hilarity ensues, I’m sure.

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