Signs: “Church” — warning signs?

Our drive through central Texas and the Hill Country a few days ago provided some good fun and much needed break, though our destination was a memorial service for a friend who died very prematurely.

Kathryn noticed these odd signs first.  I’m not sure of the purpose.  These are in the information sign mode, the yellow diamonds used to warn drivers of hazards ahead.

The hazard?  “Church.”

"Church" warning sign in Burnet, Texas

“Church” warning sign in Burnet, Texas

One might imagine these signs are posted to warn drivers on Sunday.  About noon, when these churches’ services let out, the roads around them may be filled with people who are only too happy to go meet Jesus right now — so watch out! and drive accordingly.

Texas offers all sorts of strange things to those willing to drive the state’s highways, and see ’em.


4 Responses to Signs: “Church” — warning signs?

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  2. jsojourner says:

    I occasionally see these signs in the Midwest, too. But they are usually placed some logical distance from a church entrance that is somewhat secluded by greenery or other obstructions.

    The “rainbow” Kathryn sees is merely the contrail from a meteor. You mean there hasn’t been all kinds of “smiting” going on in Texas?

    The Lord is most patient.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Sure looks like a faint rainbow. Didn’t notice it at the time, did you?

    It shows up in each of the other pictures, except the one grossly overexposed. Faint rainbow indeed.

    A sign? An omen?


  4. Kathryn says:

    Is that a bit of rainbow on the left side of the sign?


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