Is your science class as smart as a U-Haul truck?

We had to fight to keep this stuff in Texas science books.

Then, out on the street, I see a U-Haul truck.

U-Haul truck features geographic information, and geology information

U-Haul truck features geographic information, and geology information, about Arkansas and its Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Detail:  U-Haul truck features a graphic description of the geology and information about Arkansas's Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Detail: U-Haul truck features a graphic description of the geology and information about Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Well played, U-Haul.  Can Texas catch up?

Update, October 24, 2013:  Turns out U-Haul has a website that features all of the graphics they use on their trucks.  I sense a geography or state history assignment in here, somewhere, social studies teachers.  Reminds me of the animals that used to (still do?) grace the tails of Frontier Airlines airplanes, the Native American on the tails of Alaska Airlines, and other specific destination promoting tricks businesses have used over the years.  Wish more businesses would do that.


8 Responses to Is your science class as smart as a U-Haul truck?

  1. Lalia Bailey says:

    U haul is a total rip off first of all the movers they had listed on the site were not in business I had to go down a whole list with an agent on the phone which took 45 minutes to an hour to find a working mover on their list of movers waiting my time I missed the move in dead line to the new place which left us looking for a mother place to live having us to move our belongings in one their storage units which I didn’t know you had to pay fee if I wanted to enter my storage after a certain time even if the office is still open this has been an experience I will never forget …..buyer please beware


  2. Steve King says:

    I agree 100%.

    I no longer work for the company, they retired the program last year in 2013. It was a big hit with many educators as well as the general public.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Thanks for the great stuff!

    Seriously, the U-Haul project may be one of the most valuable things the company ever did — it puts history, geography and science before thousands of kids every day.

    Your other stuff is amazing, too.

    (Go to Steve’s Facebook page and give him a like, folks!)


  4. Steve King says:

    Thank you for the compliment.

    I am always working on new projects and I am currently working on a children’s book that I have written and illustrated. Most of my works are owned by my clients and unfortunately I don’t have the rights to publish myself.

    I try to keep my Facebook updated with my current projects here:

    Thanks so much,


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Mr. King, let me offer you my compliments, congratulations, and thanks for those graphics. Great work.

    Please tell me you’ve got more stuff in the mill we can see soon.

    Is your work available in galleries? Books?


  6. Steve King says:

    As the artist that designed all of the educational graphics I enjoyed working with the scientist through my research and creating the art. Find out more about the graphics here at my website:


  7. Ed Darrell says:

    Regret your experience was so unhappy. Wish the service you got was as good as the science on the side of the truck.

    I used U-Haul to get a large truck to haul desks and podia and file cabinets from the University of Texas at Dallas to a Dallas high school. For a day, it cost more than $120, but was well worth the expense to provide more than a dozen file cabinets at very small cost — plus a half-dozen podia that are still in use.

    Kathryn and I have often laughed at the slogan, “Adventure in Moving,” however. Especially after we drove a very large truck down the Moqui Cutoff, defying those who bet we’d roll the truck, we agree that the last thing one wants when moving is “an adventure.” That was the same trip on which I got us stuck in a sand drift on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico — 35 miles from the nearest telephone. But that wasn’t a U-Haul truck.


  8. John Curtis says:

    My experience with u-haul was a joke. The return it with the same amount of gas as you received it is comical as well. I was told there was 5/8 of a tank of gas in it when i got it. when i returned it after going a paltry 25 miles, I was told that the tank was not full enough, I had only put in $5 dollars worth of gas but thought that might be enough. To my dismay it was not, but for me to look at a gas tank and tell you that it is 5/8 full is fairly unreasonable. So I proceeded to go to the gas station and put in another $20. I came back to the rental place to be told that it was still only half full, I said that i had put in $20 and he asked for a receipt. There was no receipt available as I paid at the pump and when i clicked on give receipt, it said it was unavailable. I proceeded back to the gas station where I went inside to the till and got my receipt. Going back to the rental station I produced the receipt but was so mad by this time that I said forget the receipt bill me the $30 because you are not going to believe me anyway. My final bill for a $29.95 rental ended up being $128.00!!!!!!!!!!!! As I say my whole experience with u-haul was utterly ridiculous. I have rented 100’s of cars in my life and have never had an issue! The difference is that you get the car full and you return it full, seems fairly simple! HELLOOOOO!


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