Signs of life: This is the Moon?

Saw this first on Twitter; found it on Pinterest with a claim it’s from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Either way, it’s a very patient photographer, or one who really knows how to take advantage of serendipitous coincidence. Anyone know?

“Seems legit,” said @OMGFunniest_. Chere Brown on Pinterest said, “Well-played, Albuquerque.”

Albuquerque does have a Moon Street, in the 87111 Zipcode. Can any of our Albuquerque readers verify?

4 Responses to Signs of life: This is the Moon?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    We made a pilgrimage to Albuquerque last summer, after a 23-year absence, to get back to the Owl Cafe and their green chili cheeseburger, which I have argued is among the best burgers anywhere.

    Had I known about Moon Street . . .


  2. Kelly says:

    Yes, I think it was taken from back across the street because of the other pole in front of the street sign. Everything is foreshortened by the camera lens.

    BTW, I am not from ABQ but have been there a couple of times on travel so recognized the mountains right away. Then it was just a matter of finding Moon Street, with an intersection where the street only went to the right when looking toward the mountains.

    I love the green chili sauce they put on everything.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    That looks like the exact place, doesn’t it, Kelly?


    Moon Street, NE, at Academy.

    Looks as though the photographer took his/her shot from closer to the ground, on the corner curb or in the cross walk.

    I’m sure there’s an app that could tell us exactly when such shots could be gotten . . .

    Good find.


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