Biden delivers well, if not absolutely everything

President Joe Biden's administration sees powerful job growth.

President Joe Biden’s administration sees powerful job growth.

Found this on Twitter from Jason Looney (@jlooney2). He responded to a post by Republican National Chairman Ronna McDaniel.

Looney said:


  • Fastest growing economy in history
  • 12 mo’s ago the unemployment rate was 6.7% today 3.9%

We’ve never seen anything like this, its the most jobs in any calendar year by any president in history.

Record GDP growth.

How? The American Rescue Plan and 200 million vax’d.

I have no great idea who Mr. Looney is. But he should look for a spot on a campaign communications team.

I wish that message were more widely known.



3 Responses to Biden delivers well, if not absolutely everything

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Biden deftly steered the dying-by-recession Trump economy he inherited to create more jobs faster than any other administration in history, but takes almost no credit.

    One cost of keeping the country together was the danger of inflation.

    Which would you rather have?


  2. Thomas House says:

    Biden takes victory claims for unemployment ( in an economy recovering from the COVID without any need of his help ) but blames inflation on others ( inflation and oil prices were moving up very nice before Putin took action). Hes just one more politician I do not trust. But not looney.


  3. A bit of good news for sure!


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