A good mentor

Teaching anywhere can be grueling.  Oh, sure, we do it for the great psychic rewards, kids growing up, students going on to do great things in the field, etc., etc.  But it’s a grind.  It’s a performance profession, but one in which the performer must do the writing and directing and producing, and on many days, rewriting while the cameras roll.  Turnover is high.

Which means that a good mentor is worth her weight in platinum or emeralds.  Saying the right thing to encourage any teacher to perform better is great, saying the right things to get a teacher to stick around . . .

So, this story is about a teacher mentor who did something dreadfully right.  May it occur more often, please.

At a blog called “all the standard catstrophes.”

2 Responses to A good mentor

  1. James says:

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  2. areyoumyrik says:

    i completely forgot to come by and say thanks. thanks for stopping by. thanks for the comments. and thanks for seeing that in a way that helped me see past all my own pitiful experiences.

    and yes, i hope that this does happen again and again in many different places. teachers sure need that.


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