Text of the “Fixed Earth” memorandum

February 16, 2007

Fixed Earth? I didn’t know it was broken.

Steve Schafersman, the dogged scientist at the root of Texas Citizens for Science (TCS), snagged a copy of the “evolution is religion” memorandum from Texas Rep. Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, and posted it to the TCS website.  Also available from the Houston Chronicle’s SciGuy blog (transmission memorandum, the offending memorandum).

Holy mother of pearl! Voodoo science — you couldn’t make this stuff up.

History Carnival 48

February 16, 2007

Scuttle on over to Aardvarchaeology, where Dr. Martin Rundkvist is hosting the 48th running of the History Carnival.

Carnival of Education #106

February 16, 2007

Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas; Curt Teich postcard, UofArk Library

In our Valentine’s Day frenzy, we forgot to mention the 106th Carnival of Education, hosted by Eduwonks.  But now the sugar rush is sorta gone, we remembered!  Go, learn.

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