Applying the lessons of Vietnam #2: Honor veterans

February 26, 2007

Lessons from Vietnam as applied to Afghanistan and Iraq:

#2. Honor veterans when they return; honor the soldiers while they serve. One of the great errors of Vietnam was the failure to hold parades for returning soldiers. Regardless one’s views of the war, or its justness, or its execution, the soldiers who served deserved thanks, kudos, and a warm welcome back. They also deserved top-notch medical care for their injuries, physical and mental — Bob Dole, John McCain, Daniel Inouye, John Kennedy and others stand as monuments to what returned veterans can do for the nation when welcomed back and given appropriate medical care.

Vietnam was just a repeat of the error, however — Korean War veterans also got no homecoming parades. The Korean conflict is in fact known to some as “the forgotten war.” So we have more than 50 years of bad habits to break in figuring out how to honor our soldiers and veterans. We as a nation have not gotten it right for a very long time.

Honoring the veterans does at least two beneficial things: It helps the veterans readjust to life, if only a little, knowing that people at home appreciate them as individuals, and that people appreciate the sacrifices they made to serve the nation even when those sacrifices are so great as to be beyond comprehension. Read the rest of this entry »

Wow! Have you seen the cartoons from Sherffius?

February 26, 2007

John Sherffius draws for the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado. It might be something about the mountains — Pat Oliphant started out with the Denver Post. Sherfius often cartoons in color. His drawings pack a real punch, sometimes a gut punch.

Sherfius - Habeas Corpus

The Pulitzer Prize judges have not yet voted Sherffius as even a finalist, but with his cartoons over the past few months, such recognition should come.

Sherfius on Iraq-Iran similarities

In addition to the gallery at the Daily Camera website, you can look at Sherffius’ portfolio at Cagle’s Political Cartoon site, an excellent source of current political cartoons.

More cartoons below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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