Quote of the moment: Textbook fights in Texas, how math books encourage drug use

Michael King, writing in the Austin Chronicle (a weekly newspaper, as I recall), December 24, 2004:

A moment of nondenominational silence for longtime Christian fundamentalist textbook critic Mel Gabler, who died Sunday in Longview at 89. Gabler and his wife, Norma, had long been fixtures at State Board of Education textbook review hearings, although in recent years age and declining health had lessened their participation. The Longview News-Journal reported that Gabler “emphasized accuracy and a Christian perspective in examining school children’s books,” but it would be more true to say that the Gablers and their “Education Research Analysts” never let the former get in the way of the latter. Gabler was notorious for his attacks on any positive mention of evolution in biology textbooks, insisting that “special creation” get equal time and that the textbooks record “what’s wrong” with evolutionary theory. His reviews did indeed reveal factual errors in the textbooks – but his moralistic Pecksniffery is reflected best in statements like this, on mathematics texts: “When a student reads in a math book that there are no absolutes, suddenly every value he’s been taught is destroyed. And the next thing you know, the student turns to crime and drugs.” May he take it up with the Master Mathematician. – M.K.

Tip of the old scrub brush to . . . drat! From whom did I get this link?

One Response to Quote of the moment: Textbook fights in Texas, how math books encourage drug use

  1. I am really good at math, and I sometimes even read the book. Does that mean I should start doing drugs? Ummmm……. NO!



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