Best Sushi in the Rocky Mountains

March 2, 2007


Caption: Sushi Master Takashi Gibo catches top honors — dig into all the winners on page 84.

See that guy on the magazine cover above? He’s my nephew-in-law. (The one showing his teeth, that is — though, to the consternation of Seattle’s own Animal House, the Discovery Institute, I confess being related very distantly to the finny one, too.)

Takashi’s restaurant — cleverly named “Takashi” — won Best Restaurant honors in Salt Lake City last month. For that, he gets this cover on Salt Lake magazine, and a warm description inside.

Alas, the magazine keeps its best stuff in the print edition. You’ll have to get your copy on the newsstand — and if you’re in Dallas, or Morris, Minnesota, or Kennesaw, Georgia, or even Atlanta, that might be a real trick.

But not to worry: Just grab the next flight to Salt Lake City. Takashi is downtown, on Market Street. Tell Takashi or Tamara that Uncle Ed sent you. The sushi will delight you, I promise. Here’s an earlier review.

Can’t wait? Here’s a little recipe you can try at home, that Takashi passed on from an earlier place: Ankimo with Ponzu.

[I had hoped to do a much larger picture, but that little thumbnail is the best the magazine had at its site. Will they send a better one, in the hope that maybe two or three Utahns will read this blog and rush out to buy a copy?]

Have a good Texas Independence Day

March 2, 2007

Independence from what? “Do you mean the Alamo stuff?”

March 2 formerly was celebrated widely in Texas. Today, not so much.

Marshall Doke, Dallas attorney and chairman of the Texas Historical Foundation lectures Texas educators and parents today, on what should be done, in an opposite-editorial page piece in the Dallas Morning News.

Our Texas story helps us learn from the great men and women of the past that the one element essential for success (and possibly survival) is character. In the words of John Quincy Adams in the movie Amistad, “Who we are is who we were.”

Pray Texans never forget.

What does Texas Independence Day commemorate, again?

Update: Looking for more material, teachers? Go here, to Grits for Breakfast. You’ll find a list of other blogs that discussed the event today, and over the past couple of years. Interesting views.

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