Bob Wills Reunion, April 28, 2007

March 31, 2007

Turkey, Texas, again hosts the annual Bob Wills reunion on the last Saturday of April — April 28, in 2007.  National Geographic Video features a short introduction to Turkey, with heavy Bob Wills overtones.

Turkey’s website is down for maintenance as I write this, but it may be a good place to check for more details.   Bob Wills

Texas “million-air” songwriters

March 31, 2007

One of the large copyright license clearance organizations for music performances, Broadcast Music, Incorporated, (better known simply as BMI), keeps track of how many times a song is performed on radio. When a song passes a million performances, it is said to be a “million-air” tune.

Texas music license plateAccording to the governor’s Texas Music Office, a million plays of most popular tunes is equal to 50,000 broadcast hours, or about 5.7 years of continuous play.

Texas songwriters have quite a few tunes in that category, and a surprising number of them of recent vintage. More below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

Last call for Texas history carnival, Fiesta de Tejas!

March 31, 2007

Today’s the last day to nominate your post, or another’s post, for the inaugural (and we hope not last) Fiesta de Tejas! blog carnival of Texas history and other things Texan.

Texas relief map from geology.comSend the good stuff! You can send it through the Blog Carnival entry site for Fiesta de Tejas! (which is a good idea, since it saves copies), found here, or send it to me directly at edarrell AT sbcglobal DOT net.

Map image: Texas relief map from

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