Intelligent design: Cromulence achieved

March 29, 2007

Editorial writer Rod Dreher of The Dallas Morning News reacted to the news that scientists at Southern Methodist University are protesting a conference on intelligent design in biology, scheduled to be held at the university April 13-14, with an opinion piece that calls for a defense of free speech, and compares the adherence of intelligent design to the adherence of Marxism at SMU

In other words, Dreher defends intelligent design as having finally achieved a high degree of cromulence:

What snots these academics be.

One might be foolish to disagree. Intelligent design is cromulent. The conference will embiggen the intellectual life of the university, regardless the shadow it casts across the light of reason.


Quote to think by: Timothy J. Campbell and the Constitution

March 29, 2007

What’s the Constitution between friends?

–Timothy J. Campbell (1840-1904), Attributed, circa 1885

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