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March 17, 2007

Chili pepper night light

Fiesta Texana!

Okay, Texas history fans: It’s time we got our stuff together for a Texas history carnival[Update:  The inaugural Fiesta de Tejas! is here, at the Bathtub, on April 2.]

Except, this being Texas, just calling it a “carnival” probably won’t cut it. It needs to be a fiesta.

Our friend and colleague David Parker over at Another History Blog mentions the Georgia History Carnival today (the carnival itself is at Provocative Church). If Georgia, with its dull, almost-landlocked, not-found-by-Europeans-until-the-17th-century and having-only-peaches-instead-of-peppers history can do it, Texas should be able to do it better.

Heck, we could almost do a carnival on Texas-shaped cooking gear and foods.

Texas-shaped grill from Texas Correctional Industries

Texas-shaped grill from Texas Correctional Industries.

Texas-shaped Bubba Burgers

Texas-shaped Bubba Burgers.

Nobody makes Georgia-shaped burgers. And contrary to popular belief, Wendy’s burgers are not really shaped like Colorado, or Wyoming.

So, what do you think? Should we have an internet carnival of Texas history and things Texan? If you think it’s a good idea, leave a comment saying so. If you have something to contribute, send it along to Fiesta Texana!, e-mail me at edarrell[AT]sbcglobal.net. Let’s see what happens.

(Chili pepper nightlight from Katsu Designs.)

Update: Okay, we’re registered as Fiesta de Tejas at the Blog Carnival. We’re off and rolling, accepting entries. Send in your best!

(We could also use a logo — something with an armadillo, or a pepper, or a cowboy hat, sideoats grama grass, or surprise us! No pay, of course — just glory.)

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