Hey Bush, Perry! Texas hurricane victims need your help

Don’t forget about the victims of Katrina who still need help. But add to your worries the more than 50,000 families in Texas whose homes were seriously damaged by Hurricane Rita who have had no inkling of help, now two years after the storm.

Hurricane Rita hitting Texas

Gov. Rick Perry declared the state disaster; Pres. George Bush declared the national distaster — but only about 1% of the money allocated has been spent, and Texans are hurting.

FrecklesCassie, the author of the blog Political Teen Tidbits, makes the case for action here: “Hurricane Damage isn’t the Only Problem .”

Drop a letter to Rick Perry; drop a letter to George Bush. Tell them to get off their duffs and do something. That’s what they get the big hair and make the big bucks for.

Copy Cassie’s post and send it to your best friends in e-mail; put up a blog post and link to Cassie’s post.

Where are Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn when Texas needs them? Cornyn is up for election next year, and he’s not all over this?

Looks to me like the Democrats could pick up a U.S. Senate seat in Texas, too. Texas wouldn’t be ignored like this if Phil Gramm and George Bush were still alive . . .

2 Responses to Hey Bush, Perry! Texas hurricane victims need your help

  1. bernarda says:

    Not to worry, maybe you have seen this where Bush thinks that cutting FEMA’s budget will improve it.


    “The budget for the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be cut by $826 million. The budget for Direct Loan Disbursements for Disaster Assistance (which have to be repaid) will be cut by $437 million, leaving a total of only $79 million dollars in Federal Disaster Assistance loans available. The total estimated budget for the Department of Homeland Security is projected as being slightly less than $26 billion less than in FY 2006. The overwhelming majority of savings is from over $17 billion in reduced spending on FEMA, with another $1 billion saved by increasing fee-based services. Despite the massive reductions in FEMA spending, the OMB advertises the President’s FY 2008 budget thusly: “Strengthens FEMA by improving partnerships with States and professionalizing the national emergency management system.””

    Find the chart here.



  2. Thanks for linking back to my post.


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