Waltz across Texas

Barry Weber at The First Morning talks about things he loves about Texas, to accompaniment of Gary P. Nunn’s “What I Like About Texas.”

Weber says Nunn’s song can make Texans cry, in a good way. If there were a blog carnival of Texas and Texana, this post ought to lead off a round.*

* The Fiesta de Tejas blog carnival is on hiatus. Something about deadline stress and bang for the post-buck.

Also: Waltz across Texas, and Ernest Tubb

2 Responses to Waltz across Texas

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I could occasionally find a dozen good posts. A couple of contributors did good stuff quite regularly. But the readership was close to zero. Very discouraging, to me.

    Chalk it up to inexperience of the blogger.


  2. cliobluestocking says:

    Fiesta de Tejas: Guilty as charged on deadlines (man, I hate deadlines). Perhaps a re-thinking of the monthly deadline? Maybe a yearly or semi-yearly appearance?


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