An inconvenient parody

I found such a fantastically wonderful parody of the way denialists think science works . . .

If it’s not parody, the author should stay alert for men in white with nets.

Maybe the author should just stay alert; who can tell parody these days? This thing is so good that I’ll bet it suckers in dozens of denialists.

It’s what you’d expect, after all. Lightning will strike the same lunacy twice, or three times.

5 Responses to An inconvenient parody

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Hope the links work now. Thanks for the heads up.


  2. Nimish Batra says:

    Heads up ED… your last 2 links are possibly broken. They send me to my admin pages. :S


  3. j a higginbotham says:

    read the other posts

    it has to be a parody

    he quotes Archimedes’ apocryphal last words


  4. xanthippa says:

    Perhaps somebody missed the point of the ‘original’ post…it is mocking BOTH sides!

    By the way, the term ‘deniers’ sounds just a little too much like ‘heretic’. Science is science. People can misunderstand it, be ignorant of it….but ‘deniers’? If you do not wish to reveal your religious fervour, perhaps being a little more careful about one’s vocabulary might be advisable….remember: science is evidence based and precludes belief.


  5. mpb says:

    Sorry, I thought you were reading the comments at Fairbanks Daily News Miner.


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