Cicada Killers are back, 2008!

The Cicada Killers have returned!

Here’s a photo of our real, live version.

Cicada killers at Boisenberry Lane, Dallas

Cicada killers at Boisenberry Lane, Dallas

See last year’s post, here.

12 Responses to Cicada Killers are back, 2008!

  1. Judy Emmert says:

    We here in Bridgeport Texas have an over whelming amount of the killers im so glad I read about them im not so upset now and feel safer now that i know that they kill the locuts they scare me more. I can’t say that i was stung by one but i will be carful not to step on one or get one in my clothing. However I did find a dead one that i took a pick off that is how i found this site, by comparing it to other washps and the groundsman told me what they were.


  2. […] it on July 20 back in 2007.  I wrote that the wasps had been around for about ten days, then.  Last year I posted a welcome to the wasps on July 8. Cicada killer wasps on Boisenberry Lane, Dallas, 2008 – copyright Ed […]


  3. NK says:

    Yes, Mine have returned also we get 10-15 here in michigan they are awsome insects


  4. cj says:

    At first I was really scared of these little guys but my dad and I got really close to them . Early that day I covered up it’s hole. While my dad and I watched it was looking for it’s hole. Finally the cicada killers found there hole!!!


  5. Bug Girl says:

    There is a great page about cicada killers here:

    He also invites people to participate in his research!
    Saw that and thought of you. :)


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    If they don’t have any cicadas, they’ll move on soon enough. If you can’t wait, you may want to try putting a sprinkler on the sand and get it good and wet.

    As I noted, cicada killers want to save their venom, so they rarely sting.


  7. April says:

    We have these cicada killer wasps that have just arrived. We live in Northeastern Central Pennsylvania. They are hovering around our deck and ground that does have sand underneath it. But we didn’t have cicadas emerge this year. We did nearby in neighboring towns, but not here! So why are they here if there are no cicadas? And how long will they be here? Thanks! Any info. would be heplful!!!


  8. […] photo of the 2008 cicada killers at our house Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Return Of The Cicada KillersGot One!Stop Bugging […]


  9. Ed Darrell says:

    Our experience is that they tend to avoid areas with a lot of people.

    In keeping with the note that they avoid areas that are too wet, might I recommend making sure that the ground is well watered at least two days prior? The wasps will find somewhere else to bury their eggs.


  10. Jeanne Wray says:

    Okay, I enjoy watching these magnificent creatures. However, we are planning a backyard “water park” birthday party for my 5 year olds first “kids” party. I realize the males don’t sting. There are females actually in our sandbox and some nests coming thorugh our flagstone patios. My worry is that a female may feel threatened by one of the kiddos playing in our backyard. I was walkign about 3 feet from one of the nests earlier today and was agressively pursued by either male or female, without being stung. Do I really have anything to worry about?


  11. Kuri says:

    Beautiful picture! I love watching these guys work outside our home. We have a dozen or so here in NC and they are great to watch. They were intimidating at first until I did some research.


  12. Ew. But great pic. They’re loud little buggers, aren’t they? I recently discovered that the droning I heard was not in my ears:


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