Chicken or egg, teacher or cynic

Do only cynics become teachers, or does teaching make one cynical?

NYC Educator writes about being astounded to discover that the nation’s current economic woes can be cured by cutting teacher pay and benefits, as some propose.

Another teacher writes to the Bathtub complaining about printing progress reports on his computer at home — his district’s computer system is notoriously weird in remote access mode.  Why is he printing the reports at home?  “It’s been 11 months since we got a delivery of toner cartridges for teachers’ in-room printers, and we’re out of paper again.”

When do you think was the last time New York Mayor Bloomberg had to run the city budget on his home computer?

Is it really cynicism if it’s dead right?

5 Responses to Chicken or egg, teacher or cynic

  1. Teachers get the short end of the stick because they, like auto workers or farmers, actually produce something for a living. Only management is worthy of the good stuff, because they are our “leaders”, and you wouldnt want them to go without while doing that important leader-type stuff, would you? Aristocracy didnt die, it just got re-branded.


  2. elbogz says:

    ***cynical mode ON***

    Additional savings could be made in school budgets if we adopt creationist legislation. History would be taught from the bible, and those can donated, the biology text will be replaced by a pamphlet that says “God did it”, earth science would be a pamphlet that says, “Noah’s Flood….see bible” Math books would be slightly more expensive, because they would have to be changed to say 2+2=5. Health class would be a pamphlet that says, “Warning, stop what your doing or you’ll go blind”

    .***cynical mode OFF***


  3. Bill says:

    Your blog sucks, man.


  4. ReasonableCitizen says:

    There are no functional computers where there are no IT people.
    It is a law… or maybe something metaphysical.


  5. NYC Educator says:

    Just a small note–that piece was written by occasional contributor reality-based educator. I certainly can’t disagree with the content, though.

    I’ve been teaching 24 years and I’ve never been in a classroom with a functional computer. Actually, I’m mostly in a trailer, but this year, for the first time in a decade, one of my five classes is in a real classroom. I keep thinking they’ll find out it was a mistake and kick me out, but I’ve lasted six months and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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