George Washington’s influence on American geography

A quick snippet of learning from my stay at Mount Vernon:

How many places are named after Washington?  How many schools?

At the relatively new museum here I found a display that notes how Americans have honored our First President by naming things after him:

  • 26 mountains
  • 740 schools
  • 155 places (the exhibit said “155 cities and counties,” but the map also showed the State of Washington)

(All of this comes without the aid of a George Washington Legacy Project to inflate his importance and the love of Americans for his work!)

George Washington can still lay claim to his friend Richard Lee’s eulogy, as “first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

I found the display on place names on the way out of the Education Center — a place designed to help visiting teachers learn about resources available for classroom use.

Of course the group works to help teachers who can’t visit at the moment, too.  To that end they’ve published online a series of lesson plans developed by the George Washington Teachers’ Institute, a summer residency program that provides professional development.

Check out the lesson plans at  Lesson plans are here.  I particularly liked the political cartoons included in this lesson plan, all drawn by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists.

Renovations and new construction at Mount Vernon during the past decade have made the place a much more valuable resource for teachers and students.

Let’s tip the entire Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub to the Bill of Rights Institute and Liberty Fund, who sponsored the program at Mount Vernon.

2 Responses to George Washington’s influence on American geography

  1. Alejandro says:

    Also, if George washington wouldnt had named his country united states of america, he wouldnt had f—-d up todays geography


  2. zhoen says:

    If you go to, and put “washington” into the request for a forecast, the list is too impressive for me to count.

    A very handy site for geography as well as weather.


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