New prize plaque for the Bathtub, a sunny day on the slopes

March 29, 2009

Café Philos awarded a Sun Mountain Award to Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

We’re flattered, thankful, and shy on words.   It’s nice that someone is reading.  It’s nice that readers of Café Philos may sneak over here for a look, and join in some of the conversations (as a few already have).

Sun Mountain Award

Sun Mountain Award

Café Philos is the blog that posted the best summary of the John Freshwater affair in Wisconsin that exists on the internet, and probably in daily media, too.  Paul Sunstone writes good stuff, and has a good following of thoughtful commenters and readers.

Plus, I love the early morning sun on that mountain, that can only be part of the Rockies, where I grew up.

Welcome to the Bathtub, you readers of Café Philos.  And, thanks for thinking of us, Paul.  Now we have to write as if it really matters, as if people are really reading.  You spur people to higher standards with these positive strokes.

It always matters, of course.

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