Carnival catchup, No. 243 — Obama Action Comics version

March 3, 2009

Carnival of the Liberals #85 comes to us from The Lay Scientist, a British blog.

Maybe most notable is the listing of Obama Action Comics, in the vein of Saturday Night Live’s “Ex-Presidents” superhero series.

Concluding a triplet of Obama-related posts I would like to present Jason’s “Obama Comics”. While playing on the internet one day, Jason found a cache of images of a Japanese Obama action-figure that bore an uncanny resemblance to various Blaxpoitation stars of years gone by. The inevitable comic strip resulted, and you can see this week’s episode, “Vol 1 No 12 – Coming Soon to a Radio Near You“, in which Obama deals with Rush Limbaugh, who I gather is famous in America.

The strip has language that makes it unsuitable for schools, let me warn you.  No sound — probably Not Safe For Work if you work in a school, but nothing a high school teacher doesn’t hear daily anyway.

CoL #85 also introduces Greg Laden’s series, the Bible as Ethnography.  Interesting.

The whole carnival list is interesting.

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