Texas expects every Texas scientist to do her or his duty

March 9, 2009

Science needs your help, Texas scientists.

Last month science won a victory when members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) agreed to strip creationist, anti-science language out of biology standards.

In the lightning round that followed the vote, however, some bad stuff was proposed.  The National Center for Science Education asks every Texas scientist to contact your representative on the SBOE to urge them to vote against the bad stuff at a meeting near the end of March.

Don’t take my word for it.  Below the fold, the full rundown of bad stuff, copied from NCSE’s website.

Details are available from Texas Citizens for Science.

New Texas Science Standards Will Be Debated and Voted Upon March 26-27 in Austin by the Texas State Board of Education — Public Testimony is March 25

Radical Religious-Right and Creationist members of the State Board of Education will attempt to keep the unscientific amendments in the Texas science standards that will damage science instruction and textbooks.


The Texas Freedom Network has good information, too.

Also check out Greg Laden’s Blog.

Even Pharyngula’s in — Myers gets more comments from sneezing than the rest of us — but if he’s on it, you know it’s good science.

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Creationism, at the Bad Idea Blog

March 9, 2009

Bad himself has gone silent for a while.

But in a thread he started, originally on Ben Stein’s world tour of crackpottery, we’ve got a creationist minister who argues that evolution can’t be shown, is impossible, and that the science backs creationism.

Go give it a look.

I may post some of the stuff over here, eventually.  In the meantime, go discuss.  Maybe Bad can be convinced to come out of retirement.

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