Great images of art, for world history and geography

About 75,000 images, most very high quality, for classroom use.  Images are sorted into categories that should align with all state standards and any textbook series — at the California State Universities, World Images Kiosk.  There are a lot of images from ancient cultures, a lot of images from pre-Renaissance times, and a rich panorama of other images.

For example, Jasper Johns’ 1961 pop art map of the United States . . .

JOHNS Jasper | Map. | 1961 | American | Pop Art | | North America. | | ©Jasper Johns ; Kathleen Cohen

JOHNS Jasper | Map. | 1961 | American | Pop Art | | North America. | | ©Jasper Johns ; Kathleen Cohen

6 Responses to Great images of art, for world history and geography

  1. James says:


    It’s time to grow up. If you can’t say anything productive (or nice), don’t say anything at all. Please.


  2. graemebird says:

    Come on Bob. Face you are a drooling simpleton.


  3. Onkel Bob says:

    That’s a whole bunch of stupid you attracted here Ed. There’s a show biz rule that no press is bad press and that any press is good press, but does this transfer to blogs?
    I dropped by to provide a link to Mary Ann Sullivan’s site She specializes in the field closer to my interest – architecture and relief sculpture.
    Another good site, one, which will no doubt tweak the troll, is You must register to use it, but it’s free, and provides a decidedly non-western point of view.


  4. graemebird says:

    Oh I see its a Kiosk. Well thats all good one supposes. But feast your eyes on a real painting for a change.


  5. graemebird says:

    Yeah its just MARVELLOUS……….. (not).

    Is there nothing that you aren’t a stooge for Ed?


  6. Onkel Bob says:

    If I may suggest… Many of the images on the gallery are somewhat small, and usually pixelate when projected on the screen. Dr. Cohen recently implemented purchase program for larger images, look on the top row, far left. The price for images (and licensing) is far cheaper than any textbook publisher.

    Next, the portfolios on the menu bar are a good place to start if you have a theme – class topic in mind. The community portfolios are portfolios created by local staff and faculty for classes taught at SJSU and are arranged by their subject.

    FYI – The gallery is NOT part of the SJSU Library or CSU Library system per se, it is run by the Art History Program at SJSU.

    Rebecca Feind is the Art and Design Librarian for SJSU, and doubles as the education librarian. Her Web page has a great link to BU and their search tutorial. Be sure to read her Finding Images page too.

    And yes, I have a B.A. in Art History from SJSU. My M.A. is in Interdisciplinary Studies, Art History and Geography.


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