A vision of students, today (thanks, Bug Girl!)

Bug Girl put this up, and you can watch it there and comment on it there in a lively and informative discussion, but it’s just too good not to show here:

Teachers, show it to your colleagues, and especially to your librarians and your administrators.

Students, show it to your teachers.

And, go thou and do likewise.




Oh, and note that Bug Girl’s post was a year ago.

Other stuff to see:

4 Responses to A vision of students, today (thanks, Bug Girl!)

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    My apologies. I had thought he’d retreated to his own blog. Graeme appears to believe that anyone who is not obsessed with Graeme’s own sainthood is a “holocaust denier.” At least he doesn’t capitalize it. I think in his usage, he’s suggesting that you disagree with him that the DDT ban has made Rachel Carson the greatest mass murderer since the god who sent the great flood in Gilgamesh (how’s that for dodging Neil Simpson’s wrath?). Or maybe it was the god Eathother. Who knows?

    I mean, the guy uses Joseph McCarthy for his avatar. Was Benedict Arnold unavailable?


  2. Bug Girl says:

    I am not a holocaust denier. Just so everyone is clear on that, since Graeme is frequently incoherent.

    Sadly, since Graeme can no longer stalk me online at my blog, apparently he’s doing it here.

    Sorry Ed.


  3. graemebird says:

    Marevellous. Yeah. Enlightening. What would Bug Birl Know. She’s a DDT-Ban Holocaust-Denier.

    And I caught you lying about history over at the Deltoid Dwarf-Oracles place Ed:

    “What beat malaria in the U.S. — officially, by 1939, the year DDT was discovered to be an insecticide and seven years before it came into use as a pesticide — was rising incomes which put poor people into better, mosquito-resistant housing, screens on windows, and effective public health campaigns to treat malaria in humans to reduce the pool from which vectors could draw parasite oocytes to pass on to other victims.
    In short, it was the pre-World War equivalent of bednets.
    Bednets are not the feelgood cop-out. They are the backbone of the efforts to stop bites. There need to be similarly ambitious efforts to improve medical care, and there needs to be a powerful program to eradicate breeding near homes. But preventing the bites is one of the critical keys to ending the disease.
    Posted by: Ed Darrell | May 2, 2009 7:08 PM”

    What an incredible load of impromptu lying crapola.

    Poor people had these marvelously rising incomes during the double-digit unemployment days of THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

    You are a liar Ed.

    And its appalling how you leftists defer to eathother by authority when you are all a bunch of tribalist idiots.


  4. Bug Girl says:

    That guy does amazing work, doesn’t he?
    Thanks for the link–alas, though, they can’t comment on that post at the Bug Blog anymore.
    All posts close to comments after 100 days, since that’s when I start to get the most spam/odd requests to look at someone’s rash.


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