Mid-year switch: Would you change jobs like this?

At NorLa, Wheeler writes “I’ve been traded.”

Not really, but it feels similar. Starting Monday I’ll be leaving seventh grade US History for the high school and Civics, Free Enterprise and World Geography.

I like the parish in which I teach. My principal, not so much. While she’s a micromanager and extremely disorganized, I’m very independent and CDO (that’s OCD in alphabetical order, like it should be). As a teacher, my only request from administrators is to be left the heck alone. I have the best test scores in the school, I have no discipline problems, I’m never absent, the students like me and their parents like me. With those credentials, I figured any sensible principal would be more than happy to leave me be and go worry about stuff that actually needs attention. Not so at my school. I actually had a written reprimand placed in my personnel file because I abbreviated the days of the week on my lesson plans. That’s just one example.

It’s a good read, about why a good teacher would abandon students and leave his principal in a fix, mid-year.

There’s a lot of wisdom there, for an administrator who cares to learn.  Go see.

One Response to Mid-year switch: Would you change jobs like this?

  1. wheeler says:

    thanks for the link.

    i ought to clarify, though that the transfer was against my wishes. not wanting to “abandon” my students, (couldn’t care less about inconveniencing the principal) i asked for the transfer next year. the super, though, wanted to fill the opening this year and, well, she’s the boss.


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