Liveblogging the Texas State Board of Education

Or, should that be “Texas State Soviet of Education?”

Steve Schafersman (of Texas Citizens for Science fame)  is live blogging for the Texas Observer, here.

Texas Freedom Network blogs it here.

Did I forget to mention that earlier?


2 Responses to Liveblogging the Texas State Board of Education

  1. Jerry C. says:

    As a retired Texas teacher I am humiliated and heart sick about the SBOE actions. I used to be just embarrassed but now it is way beyond embarrassment. Even if we were somehow drastically change the make up of the board I don’t know if there is anyway to mitigate the intellectual, factual and emotional destruction that will be caused by the “reformed” standards.


  2. Ellie says:

    The Texas Board of Education is a prime example of what Pontius Pilate meant when he asked his cynical question, “What is truth?” Truth in TX is whatever the PTBs say it is. Unfortunately, what happens in TX has an effect on the rest of the country.


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