Breitbart’s blog: Misanthropes, pathological psychoses

Is Andrew Breitbart’s blog the world’s largest collection of misanthropes and pathological sociopaths on the internet?

Is there any fool idea that crowd won’t celebrate?  Is there any fact they won’t ignore?  Is that the ultimate result of people whose ears are burned shut by listening to Limbaugh and O’Reilly?

Just curious, and appalled.

7 Responses to Breitbart’s blog: Misanthropes, pathological psychoses

  1. jsojourner says:

    In some respects, Ed, the lies have gotten far worse than they were when Bill Clinton was President. During those years, the President was accused by Jerry Falwell of having people murdered. And conspiracy nuts Texxe Mars and Constance Cumby (whatever happened to those loons?) ratcheted up the sausage-making at the lie factory when they claimed Clinton had arranged with the United Nations to invade and occupy the U.S. (They cited, as evidence, the fact that “Soviet tanks” were spotted in Kansas and black helicopters were patroling our rivers. I also remember some sort of silly canard about secret codes on the backs of traffic signs, meant to guide UN troops.

    It all sounds so absurd today. Not because we can’t feature people telling such ridiculous lies and being taken seriously…but because today’s untruths make the Clinton smears pale in comparison. Too, it’s not just crazy televangelists or end-times fortunetellers spreading the heaping servings of steamy monkey dookie. In some cases, it’s elected officials.

    Did you know Barack Obama has plans to throw Christian youth into re-education camps? That’s the dung Michele Bachmann has been serving up for months.

    Our friends at Fox “News” (we distort, you comply) came up with this beauty: Evidently, Obama’s Presidential bid was bankrolled by Hugo Chavez. Who knew?

    Of course, let’s not sell the one world government folks short. Their mass circle jerk may have gotten old by the second Clinton term, but they’re back with a vengeance.

    (Psst. Just because Ruby Tuesday’s lets you “Build your own burger” doesn’t mean the Bilderberger’s are taking over the planet. Please make a note of it.)

    Of course, we know all the others. Obama is the Antichrist…the President is a Communist…Obama subliminally implanted the phrase “serve Satan” in one of his speeches (this gem is on You Tube and it’s actually a riot)…Obama smoked crack and had gay sex with Larry Sinclair (thanks Whirled Nuts Daily)…and the President refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

    It never ends with these lunatics. And, unfortunately, they usually don’t crawl back into their ratholes until one of them decides to blow up a federal building and kill hundreds of people. That seems to be what it takes for the general public to get angry at the far right.

    I don’t want them censored. I do want them shamed.


  2. Nick K says:

    Actually there’s a part two to my question.

    When Dan Rather supposedly lied about George W Bush’s military service and your fellow conservatives all demanded he be fired did you agree with it? If so do you agree that Mr. Breitbart should be fired for what he did?

    You complain about what Ed calls the people who read Breitbart’s blogs but do you complain when conservatives including Breitbarts do the same about us liberals?


  3. Nick K says:

    Well tell us, Joe, when Brietbart released that video regarding Ms. Sherrod did you believe what he said the videos represented? Or did you think to yourself “Wait, there’s two sides to this story so I better make sure I know them both before I judge the situation?”


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    I’ve got a juris doctor — an advanced degree in biological Hemingway machine operation.

    What’s your question, Dr. Markovich? Which part of rude, obnoxious ranting, and general misstatements of fact, did you miss there? Or did you miss the calls to various forms of violence?

    Are you a trauma care physician, and you think you see business possibilities?

    If you found a hint of intelligent discussion there, could you point us to it?


  5. i’m one of those ignorant misanthropes. gosh i feel so much smarter now after reading your post. you must have been enlighten when you did your doctoral thesis but poor stupid doctor like me can’t think for himself like you.


  6. Ellie says:

    I’ve just visited the blog. In answer to your questions: Yes, no, no, and….no to the last, only because you left out Glenn Beck.


  7. thomas says:

    Oh how that man is nuts – beyond nuts – pathologically whacked out and on something or perhaps he has “High-T.” Who knows. He is repulsive.


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