Eleanor Roosevelt: Didn’t like the description, “No good in a bed”

October 3, 2010

Eleanor Roosevelt, image from MedScape; at Pearl Harbor, 1943

Eleanor Roosevelt at Pearl Harbor in 1943 - image from MedScape

Is this story true? I’ve not been able to verify the quote — it’s a great story, and better if true. From MedScape Today, “The Case of the Well-known Woman with Unexplained Anemia”:

Although reserved, Roosevelt had a quiet sense of humor. When commenting about how she felt about having a rose named after her, she remarked: “I was very flattered . . . but not pleased with the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.”

Can anyone tell us when and where she said that?  Gardeners, can you confirm?  Can anyone find a photo of the rose, “Eleanor Roosevelt?”  (It’s probably a yellow rose, but I haven’t found a description.)

Eleanor Roosevelt teacup, First Ladies Library

Eleanor Roosevelt teacup, First Ladies Library


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