Big balls in Cowtown . . .

February 7, 2011

”]Farm trucks at the Worthington, Ft Worth Stock Show 2011 - Import 01-22-2011 029Photographer error makes these less than perfect — but I still like them.  Panorama shots in very bad light of four enormous farm pickups, parked in the valet parking area usually reserved for the Jaguars, Mercedes and occasional Bentley, at the Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth.  Stockmen come to Fort Worth every January and February for the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show — these are the Caddillacs and Lincolns and Mercedes of the big-money farm set.


”]Trucks at the Worthington, during the Ft. Worth Stock Show 2011 - Import 01-22-2011 030None of these trucks was as small as a Ford F-250.  These are duellies, crew-cab monsters.


When I saw them I immediately heard Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys singing:

Big balls’ in Cowtown!  We’ll all go down.
Big balls’ in Cowtown!  We’ll dance around.

I wish the sound on this clip were better, featuring several of the original Texas Playboys performing in 1999 (Bob died in 1974):

Listen to Asleep at the Wheel’s true-to-Bob’s-spirit version, featuring Johnny Gimbel, one of the Texas Playboys:

If you can afford to gas one of those rigs, you can afford to dance a bit.

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