LA Times on the Texas drought

Contrary to the Warming Contrarians (WCs), Texas is still in a drought — a bad one.

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LA Times on the Texas drought, posted with vodpod

Oddly, the great story on the Texas drought that showed up in the Dallas Morning News last week, does not show up on their website.  Because this is a climate change-related issue, I think we should track it.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Michael Tobis at Only In It For The Gold.

3 Responses to LA Times on the Texas drought

  1. Jim says:

    I hope he does decide to run for President. I hereby propose that everyone STOP referring to him as “Governor Goodhair”, with all due respect to the late Molly Ivins. There are a couple of reasons for this.

    One, Willard “Mitt” Romney actually has BETTER hair.

    Two, a much more appropriate name for Perry is simply, “Secesh”.

    Oh the irony of a secessionist running for POTUS! It’s just too rich and ripe with potential to pass up. Please Secesh. Make my day. Run for President.


  2. Nick K says:

    Probably next to the prayer that Perry has to be saying in the hopes the Democrats don’t remember that last year he was openly flirting with treason….


  3. Keep praying. Sooner or later, the drought will end, and then they can give god credit.


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