Art from science: Protein folds

What is this?

Protein folding gif from Protein Art

From Protein Art

Nature and science produce some of the most beatiful stuff, especially in high-speed phtotography, or photo-micrographs, or shots from scanners of various kinds including especially Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM).

I spent three years locked in a lab looking at photographs of Nuclepore filters that had captured dust, pollen, and air pollution in the desert southwest.  Magnified about 50,000 times, fly ash from coal-fired power plants become brilliant balls of glassy light; pollen from god-knows-what become intricate, Alhambra-worthy patterned stones, and dust becomes jagged expressionistic sculptures of someone greatly disturbed (but still artistically gifted).

Now we know that proteins fold up in specific ways.  Micrographic photos show wiggles of ribbon to you and me.

It’s inspiration to May K.

You and I see tangled ribbons:

May K's take on 2-nd PDZ Domain of Mint1  (Homo sapiens)

To May K the human protein 2-nd PDZ Domain of Mint1 becomes . . .

May K. sees:

May K's take on a human protein - a tango of cats (from 2-nd PDZ Domain of Mint1)

. . . a tango of cats.

Go see more for yourself.  Or here.

Sort of a Rorschach for well-balanced life scientists.  There are possibilities there.

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