Spam comment flood update

The Aston-Martin and Kia comment ads are diminished, and probably thanks to their ad agency, the law firm comment ads are gone.

Now I’m getting up to 2,000 spam comments a day for Spence Diamonds and Spencer Diamonds, in Canada.

More than 4,000 spams comments relating to Spence Diamonds and Spencer Diamonds, in the past couple of days. Oy.

More than 4,000 spams comments relating to Spence Diamonds and Spencer Diamonds, in the past couple of days. Oy.

If you, Dear Reader, posted a comment that did not appear, it probably got caught up in the flood and my desperate attempts to stop the comments from hitting the actual blog.  Please find my e-mail (see “About this blog,” above), and drop me a line giving me a key word in the comment, so I can find it among the thousands of spams.

Of course, I’d be pleased to let the comments come through (and count on my reader totals!) if either company (is the the same company) would simply send me a couple of bags of diamonds.  That way I could afford to pay WordPress and then take ads . . .

If you blog, you may be seeing the same deluge.  It used to come mainly from pornography sites, and I could find it all with a few vulgar word searches.  That ended a couple of years ago with the arrest of some of the spammers.  This stuff is more pernicious, because generally the words in the comments sent are all non-pornographic, and words that would snare other comments unfairly.

This is a practice known as “negative SEO,” I understand — when competitors take a legitimate ad and send out spam, hoping people will complain to Google that the targeted company is spamming and suspend all tracking for the company’s ads and mentions. Dastardly.  So, I suppose we shouldn’t blame Spencer Diamonds nor Spence Diamonds.  My previous complaints seem to have gotten some action, though — so I”ll keep complaining.

I apologize for the inconvenience, Dear Reader.

Please, no spam.

Please, no spam.

2 Responses to Spam comment flood update

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I don’t know who has been caught in the file. Started this morning with 7,000 messages in the spam file, eliminated nearly 2,000, took a break and when I came back it was up to 6,500 again.

    There is a “dump all potential spam” button. If I hit it, we’ll lose someone’s comment I’m pretty sure.

    But it’s a time suck, for sure. Seerauber flagge (if I catch your drift) ran afoul of the spam machine in another deluge. PIssed off Akismet something bad. I never could get him out of the pokey with the software, though it appears it eventually happened.

    Eh. We’ll see.


  2. onkelbob says:

    Does this mean we will not see the pearls of wisdom from Seerauber
    flagge? SEO is an incomplete science, why any retailer would rely upon it is a testament to the correctness of the Barnum adage about the birthrate of suckers.
    Shiny rocks, die beste freundin auf eine fraulein, but the bane of our existence eh?


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