Geography from space: Nile at night, a river of light

Geography teachers love the Nile Delta because it so well epitomizes what a river delta is — clear demonstration of the delta form, in real photos.

From the International Space Station, the model gets ramped up a bit:

A stunning pic taken by @StationCDRKelly while on @Space_Station shows the Nile River at night

Twitter caption: A stunning pic taken by @StationCDRKelly while on @Space_Station shows the Nile River at night

The Nile becomes a river of light, showing the advance of electrified human settlement along the banks, and providing stark contrast to the unlighted desert on either side of the river.

What other cities, landmarks, or geographical features can you identify in the photo?

3 Responses to Geography from space: Nile at night, a river of light

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Mike, thefordprefect: My apologies. You posted another comment. It went to spam. Not sure why, but when I clicked “not spam,” it disappeared.

    Please repost if you can. If your posts don’t appear here within a few minutes, drop me an e-mail that you’ve got one stuck in spam.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    No, North Korea has not solved that “problem.” North Korea is that far back on electrifying the nation to benefit the people.

    Only other areas on Earth that dark are the deepest Congo, the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Desert, and Antarctica.

    Yes, much of that light reaching space is light pollution, which implies wasted light and wasted energy. Solution is not to go back to the barely-post-stone age.

    I presume you’re referring to my earlier post on North Korea’s darkness from space, yes?


  3. one day all countries should look like north Korea. Is it not true that all light reaching space is wasted energy?
    In uk, why do we light motorways and towns dusk to dawn? Pure energy waste. Perhaps N Korea have solved this light pollution?.


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