Virginia’s Bicycle Woman

Caption at Raw Story: Juli Briskman flips off Pres. Donald Trump (copyright @b_smialowski/@AFP)

Caption at Raw Story: Juli Briskman flips off Pres. Donald Trump (copyright @b_smialowski/@AFP)

In ten years, will we regard this photo as iconic as the Tank Man in China?

Is this a photo of a brave citizen standing up to oppressive power?

Unlike Tank Man, whose name and fate remain unknown, the woman was fired from her job. We should track the story.

Or, is there a chance that, in a decade after President Trump is deposed by legal means, we will look back and regard this photo as a citizen bullying poor old Trump?






9 Responses to Virginia’s Bicycle Woman

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    It just keeps going on. How many times did the apple hit Newton before he took the hint?


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    We didn’t have an internet when Reagan was president. He tried to strangle it in its crib, but Al Gore saved it.


  3. Jim says:

    Russian bots? ….yeah Ok. The fact that CNN is actually keeping a score worries you nought? did they do it for Bush? Reagan? …..Nope. Ahhh the DNC guys are so civil while the GOP (bots) are bastards ten times over even!

    CNN complains about political adversaries being well… adversarial and critical – you call it disrespect and dissent….that is truly worrisome. Especially as CNN seemed it could not bring itself to do anything but fawn over Obama, compared to the coverage it is giving Trump.

    News flash , that is what the party of opposition do generally. Their utterances should be reported , they were news worthy and most had a story of policy difference behind them.( of course CNN is imputing racism).

    Presidents are not above being slammed with some dissent and disrespect but it shouldn’t be part of some sort of group therapy.

    Again, a picture of a solitary anonymous person flipping Obama’s motorcade ( or any president prior actually) would not see light of day, it would be seen as unseemly…now its like howling at the sky.

    BTW: Obama daughters skirts were to short! Call me old fashioned


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Gee, Morgan. Sorry you feel that way.

    That’s not what the facts show. If one over-reads and misreads a post, one might arrive at such an odd view.

    What I did was ask questions about the historical significance of the photograph, knowing it’s difficult to tell in advance whether a photo will be a good one, let along if it could go viral on modern media.

    You say I’m wrong. Why am I wrong to ask those questions?

    What sort of America are you campaigning for, where questions about history and historic value are off-limits?


  5. […] Ed Darrell sees a similarity between the famous tank-vs.-man footage from Tiananmen Square in China back in the summer of ’89… […]


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Of course if someone was flipping Obama the narrative would be racism or lack of civility. Ok , i’m joking the picture would never been taken, let alone shown the light of day…if it were Obama, the media gate keepers would not allow it.

    Russian and GOP bots spread far and wide any even barely colorable acts of disrespect or dissent to President Obama. You’ve forgotten the drunken Republican Rep. Joe Wilson’s heckling during the State of the Union? You’ve forgotten Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s finger wagging at Sky Harbor Airport? Sen. Mitch McConnell’s press conference to declare the top GOP goal was making sure Obama was a one-termer — while the nation faced its greatest economic crisis at least since the Great Depression?

    CNN put together a Top Ten list of great acts of disrespect to President Obama:

    President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama, bore those insults with calm equanimity, unlike the thin-skinned Donald Trump. They sought no vengeance, no retribution, and mostly ignored them to let action and reality speak for itself.

    They were so cool about it, you seem to have forgotten the insults entirely, suggesting their strategy worked well.

    Nor did “media gatekeepers” hide anything. They often were in the forefront of spreading the false, scurrilous claims. Remember the New Yorker cover showing the Obama’s as Muslim militants or terrorists?


  7. Jim says:

    Of course if someone was flipping Obama the narrative would be racism or lack of civility. Ok , i’m joking the picture would never been taken, let alone shown the light of day…if it were Obama , the media gate keepers would not allow it.

    Here the narrative is ‘resistance’ and ‘evil nazi trump’ which the media gate keepers are a main proponent of so nearly any anti trump behaviour is welcome and normalised.

    From anonymous protest, to outing herself , then complaining about the consequences of her pursuing her 15 minutes of fame, victim of her own vanity then victim of Trumpian dark forces and now winner thanks to trumpian dark forces.

    I’m awaiting for Trump to tweet:” Fat lady on bike flipped me doesn’t know it was flipping her first with both hands .My hands are very big as well”

    I don’t think anybody going to remember her in say 2034 a decade after Trump leaves office, if he gets two terms that is….such is the nature of confected fame.


  8. Ed Darrell says:

    This is interesting. Wonder if it’s accurate.


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