In 1928 Boy Scouts campaigned to get out the vote

I haven’t seen a good Get Out the Vote campaign from a Scout Group in at least 40 years. From my perspective it appears Richard Nixon took the fire out of Scouts and Scout leaders to do a community wide, non-partisan drive to get out the vote.

Plus, in many of those years the Scouts pushed getting people to vote, while their parents and other voters probably suppressed voting from certain groups.

Still it’s great to see the history, that in 1928 voting was considered such an uncontroversial part of citizenship that it made the cover of Boys’ Life.

"Vote it is your duty," Boys' Life, November 1928
Boys’ Life Magazine, November, 1928. “Healthy moral values are the solution for happier kids & and a greater nation.”

Who reads magazines any more? Not enough people.

3 Responses to In 1928 Boy Scouts campaigned to get out the vote

  1. jahigginbotham says:

    Voting is not your duty.
    Being an informed voter is your duty. Nowadays i skip a number of things (judges, etc) that i know nothing about and don’t research. Encouraging people (who wouldn’t otherwise bother) to vote would i believe just get more people voting on superficialities and persuasive ads. I would prefer that such people don’t vote.


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Scouts shouldn’t be controversial, but that’s the price of accountability, I suppose. Controversies come and go, the values kids get remain.

    When I was an older Scout (Explorer) staffing Utah National Parks Council camps, we had a district executive who was very conservative. He had grave difficulties with the “patrol method” used to organize units above Cub Scouts, and emphasized in adult training. Too much socialism, he said. When Coca-Cola sponsored a sweatshirt giveaway in an ad on the back of Boys’ Life he called it quits.

    The sweatshirt had a peace symbol on it, the semaphore code for “N-D” or nuclear disarmament. A popular symbol for peace was too much. He resigned and, as I recall, bought a gas station in a small southern Utah town.

    => Peace symbol history.
    => A Readers Digest story that hints at the controversy about a symbol for peace

    Patrol method controversial? Oy.


  3. Those were the days! Now even the Boy Scouts are controversial and my magazine reading is mostly online.

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